We at Alokik, envision the garment to be an ideal in your wardrobe that wins your heart for its fine craftsmanship and superior quality. We endeavour to build a story around every product and the details are inspired from the beautiful nature. Every inspiration is handpicked after a deep research and adds value to the product even more gracefully. 

Handcrafted in pure fabrics, the brand offers clothing that is classic, contemporary and versatile

Designer Divya Aggarwal, aims to create clothing that offers simplicity and elegance for everyday wear, with the hardworking team that spends endless dedication to create garments that stand out effortlessly. 

 We’re a company that believes in culture and the roots of India. We want to create Indian wear that is modern and contemporary. Alokik is an ode to creating daily easy-wear and comfortable clothing for all women.


"I envisioned Alokik when I was in my final year of college. It took me very less time to name the label, Alokik and I knew the vision. I always wanted to create clothing that is minimal, modern and rooted, clothing that offers simplicity and the all the bliss that comes with it.

I switched my career from commerce to fashion and I had no support for my decision, still I wanted to chase my passion. I followed my heart and I feel happy today.

From taking inspiration to delivering the final product, I like to explore and learn during the designing process. It always excites me and I only look forward to grow everyday as a designer." 


 Alokik is a Sanskrit word that means "Unique" or "Divya" (the name of the designer) 

In a world which is bombarded with products that mean less in terms of their value and unethical construction, we want to create products that matter, are relatable and stand for something productive.

The plan has been simple - to do it ethically and at honest prices

We wanted to create a culture that nurtures creativity. And that was the inspiration behind Alokik.